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Jane Parkinson - she/her

~ Director @ Kind Connections ~

Jane is a Registered Counsellor, Certified Synergetic Play Therapist, Group Work Facilitator & Parent Coach

working with children and families with a range of challenging and complex needs.

What is Synergetic Play Therapy?

Synergetic Play Therapy® (2008) is a researched-informed model of play therapy blending the therapeutic power of play with nervous system regulation, interpersonal neurobiology, physics, attachment, mindfulness, & therapist authenticity. It's primary play therapy influences are Child-Centered, Experiential, & Gestalt theories.

Although Synergetic  Play Therapy® is a model of play therapy, it’s also a way of being in relationship with self and others. It’s an all-encompassing paradigm that can be applied to any facet of life, at any stage of life. As an SPT therapist, my ability to engage in mindfulness & model regulation of my own nervous system is the foundation for how your child can learn how to manage his/her/their own nervous system. As the therapist in relationship with your child, I will lead the way, just like a caregiver has to lead the way for an infant. *For more info on SPT, see 

As a Counsellor, much of my clinical experience has been in the trauma field, supporting women & children that have fled family violence. Working therapeutically with infants & children in crisis from diverse backgrounds inspired me to want to step outside of traditional talk-therapy box, & find a therapeutic modality that was child-centred, & in tune with my desire to work authentically & collaboratively with all types of family structures. With additional training in Infant Mental Health & Synergetic Play Therapy, I am fiercely passionate about supporting children of any age to better understand themselves, their feelings & emotions, as well as the world around them (for more info see Kind Kids Play Therapy).

As an experienced Groupwork facilitator, I am highly skilled at delivering both a number of parenting programs, as well as social/emotional & resilience-based programs to primary school aged children. Given my extensive experience working with complex families, I am also able to provide parenting education & support to parents/carers where additional one-on-one coaching is required such as foster families and adoptive parents. I feel very strongly that collaboration with a child's school is another crucial aspect of supporting the 'whole family', so can also provide consultation to a child's school as part of the overall therapeutic plan.


*I am a fully registered Level 4 Member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). "ACA is Australia's largest single registration body for Counsellors and Psychotherapists with over 9,000 members. Its primary objective is to register Counsellors and Psychotherapists to ensure the public has access to appropriately trained professionals whom are accountable and meet self regulating industry standards".  

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